New Under 350 Low Calorie Sandwich Range

Did you keep your New Years resolution?

Under 350 Calorie Sandwiches

Dieting is always one of the most popular resolutions and we are going to give you some motivation! As it’s February now and you may have had a month full of boring low fat dinners, and hours working out at the gym, we thought you deserved a little treat. We have launched five delicious under 350 calorie products. As a leading food to go company we like to keep on top of all trends. We have pulled together some fresh new ingredients and created some beautiful new products for you.

Ham & Slow Roast Tomato Focaccia

Hummus, Feta & Greek Style Khobez Wrap

Tuna & Roast Red Pepper Salad Tortilla Wrap

Sweet & Sour Chilli Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Italian Style Roast Vegetables Tortilla Wrap – VEGAN

Great tasting low calorie sandwiches

These products don’t just look great but they taste even better! The perfect thing to sit down to and really enjoy for lunch.

These products were launched on Tuesday 16th February so there is no need to give up on your New Year diets!

Make sure that you look out for the new lucky Raynors van to be driving around with this lovely shot of all the products together.

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