Sunshine & Sandwiches & Packed Lunches

Today is not a day you really want to be stuck inside – it’s the sort of day you want to spend out in the sunshine, enjoying a picnic.  With schools winding their way down to the end of summer term, there are a lot of school summer visits taking place at the moment, which set me to thinking about the packed lunches we used to take on school trips.

What did you pack?  When I was in primary school, my mum would always make me egg mayo sandwiches.  I love egg mayo, but after a couple of hours on a hot coach, opening it up was a very pungent affair, causing much complaint amongst those sitting nearby.   I always asked mum to make ham or cheese, but she was implacable.  It was traditional she said!  For her, the essential ingredient for any school trip was the slightly sulphorous aroma of boiled egg hanging in the air!  Many other mothers must have felt the same, because at least half of us had egg sandwiches!

We make a lot of lunchbags here at Raynors, but people don’t seem to choose to put egg sandwiches  in them very often.  It seems like the eggy aroma that haunted my school trips are now a thing of the past, and the lucky lunchbaggers of today enjoy cheese and tomato, ham and cheese, chicken & bacon, and good old chicken mayo.  These are all classic lunchbag sandwiches, but a part of me can’t help feeling that they are missing out a little…a trip to the Natural History, or the beach at Aldburgh isn’t the same without the great British egg sandwich.

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