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Travel & Leisure sector

Sandwich Suppliers for Retail, Travel and Leisure

Raynors began life supplying the retail sector and we still only supply wholesale snacks and sandwiches for re-sale or supply on a commercial basis. Raynor Foods’ sandwiches are all made by hand. This provides a higher level of quality control than machine assembled ones. We also have a range of point-of-sale materials available and an on-site merchandising service, if required. All our products are clearly labelled with allergen information. Our packing is compliant with FIR standards.

Competing with the High St

Our extensive range of pre packed sandwiches, snacks and  other Food to Go products includes halal, gluten free sandwiches and a range of vegan sandwiches and snacks. We regularly update our ranges to reflect seasonal preferences and consumer food trends. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact from sandwiches and other food to go products. Raynor Foods has led the way in the sandwich industry in removing plastic packaging from our products.

The Sandwich Factory is a BRC Grade A Facility
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