War on Waste

The ‘war on plastic’ is at the forefront of the environmental debate at the moment thanks to ‘the Blue Planet effect’.

The final episode of Blue Planet II showed the shocking impact single use plastics are having on marine life and a call from David Attenborough to do more to protect the environment.

Blue Planet pulled no punches in showing the shocking effect created by single use plastic. People immediately sat up and demanded the ban of plastic such as straws, coffee cups and plastic cutlery.

As a result, the food industry is particularly under pressure to reduce their contribution.

Environmental protection is something we take seriously at Raynor Foods. We’re a zero waste to landfill factory, recycling all our waste and sending our food waste to a local anaerobic digester to be turned into energy to power Chelmsford.

As well as this, we source what we can locally, to reduce our food miles, use reusable plastic boxes with suppliers (cardboard can only be recycled 3 times) and send our bread crusts to feed the pigs at Wicks Manor Farm.

We are often asked about our packaging and all of it is 100% recyclable, including the plastic film. All local councils ask is that you shake out any food waste before putting it into the recycling.

The next wave in sandwich wedge design, is being able to provide biodegradable packaging. It’s something we’re receiving increasing enquiries about and know it’s a growing demand from customers and consumers alike.

We are constantly testing and looking into biodegradable packaging, so far it has been difficult to find biodegradable packaging which is able to keep a sandwich fresh for long enough, and quality is something we don’t compromise on. We are always testing new options that come to the market and hope to transfer our sandwich wedges to a biodegradable alternative to make them even more environmentally friendly.

With increasing pressure on the food industry to reduce the use of plastic, we can expect to see a reduction in the plastic we see in supermarkets and food producers over the coming years. As a nation of animal lovers, it just took a nature documentary to make us all see sense.

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