World Meat Free Day

Okay, I might be a little late on this one, but yesterday was World Meat Free Day. Where people all over the world are meant to try and give up meat for the day.  Apparently there are two types of people:  those that hear ‘no meat’ and just shrug it off, and those that just the thought of ‘no meat!’ makes them crave it even more, and they need those meaty steaks in their life just to keep them sane!  Do you think you could give up meat?  I think we all could for a day, but the latest advice is that we should be trying to cut back or cut it out of our diets completely.

In 2012 the UK ranked 22nd in meat consumption, and the average person consumes 85kg of meat a year.  I don’t feel as if this is too much meat being consumed a year really, seeing as most of us will probably have it every night for dinner.   Also, 40% of the food that we grow goes to feed animals, which is expected to rise to 60% of what we grow in the next 20 years. Therefore due to the growing demand of meat, the prices will go up.  That’s not the only thing which could contribute to us cutting back our meat consumption.

Giving up meat isn’t easy, but vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming a lot more popular,  so we could probably do it over time.  Although I think it is too soon to start giving up on meat now!

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